Saturday, March 7, 2015

It has been a while!

Today was quite an exciting day! This morning we all went to support Flavio at his Church basketball game! I thought to invite Papa, and all else in the Shaffer household who wanted to come! Papa and my mom came to see Flavio's game! They won last week's game, but didn't win today, (most likely because the other team was composed of giants). Nathan shouts BALL (which sounds more like BAAH).
After, we had brunch at Denny's. It was nice of the waiter to bring Nathan a coloring page and crayon! :) Nathan enjoys dropping things on the floor, more than coloring- at this stage in his life.
Then we headed home for some rest. I did some work, and then we decided to go to Jungle Jims! I have not been there in years! It was so fun to see Nathan have fun and see all the colorful rides, play, etc. We enjoy watching Nathan play and have fun and explore!
Then we did some grocery shopping, and returned home. Today was fun!