Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mt Ensign 2nd Ward Baby Shower!! TANTO AMOR

What sweet ladies. They totally didn't have to, but they did and they did it with so much love. I was told it started at noon, but apparently it started at 11.....finally a sister came to our home and told me they were all waiting for me! Surprise! Ok! So I hurried to get myself ready and went over, and one of the sisters said they thought maybe I had gone to the hospital! :) Not Yet, thankfully!
They decorated and have food and cake and games and lots of gifts, I am amazed at how many diapers and wipes! Seriously it's awesome! Almost 1000 wipes! haha so cool! We are going to have one clean baby girl :)

They made me cry when they did the "Cadena de Amor" or Chain of Love. They made a paper chain, where each person wrote a piece of advice, or a message, or a wish or something to me or to our baby girl. It was so sweet to hear her name said over and over. Alina :)

Here are the photos!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A good read, and it's free!

My younger brother Peter posted on Facebook a link to some great writers: the Eyres.
They have a website where you can read their books online for FREE or get them for SUPER CHEAP electronically. The website is called I am loving it! I am currently reading, (well I just started today haha) one of the books and its called A Joyful Mother of Children and I am excited to continue reading it!

Hopefully you can find a book there, that you will enjoy and grow from! :) Happy Reading and Learning!

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Papa, my grandpa, turned 94 yesterday! He had a great big American flag cake for his birthday.
Those who came to celebrate were Me and Flavio, Aunt Chris and Uncle David, Peter and Heather and Melanie, cousin Phillip with his four children, and then a visit from the 9th ward Young men and Young women group with some of their leaders. I took some pictures! I remember that Papa loves humor and comics, so I printed out some comic strips for him, and made him a card. Hopefully he will reach 100 so he gets that letter from the President of the United States, which is what he's looking forward to.

Papa, mi abuelo, cumplio 94 ayer! Tuvo una gran torta de la bandera Estadounidense para su cumple. Aquellos que vinieron a celebrar fueron yo y Flavio, Tia Chris y Tio David, Peter y Heather y Melanie, primo Phillip y sus cuatro hijos, y entonces una visita del grupo de jovenes del barrio 9 con unos de sus lideres. Yo saque unos fotos! Le hice a Papa una tarjeta, e inclui "comics" que son como chistes en dibujitos. Se espera que llega a los 100 años para que pueda recibir una carta del Presidente de los Estados Unidos, porque eso es lo que el quiere.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013




An Invitation Una Invitacion

I would like to invite you to read mine and Flavio's Mission President's Blog.
His name is Shayne Argyle and he is from West Jordan, UT. He was diagnosed with Leukemia this year. He is undergoing treatments. His blog is very insightful and inspiring as he includes his impressions and what he is learning as it relates to the Gospel and the scriptures.
I know that if you read it, it will help you to draw nearer unto our Heavenly Father.

Me gustaria invitarles a leer un blog escrito por el Presidente de Mision de mi y Flavio. Se llama Shayne Argye, y es de West Jordan, Utah. El fue diagnosticado con Leucemia (cancer) este año. Esta recibiendo tratamientos. Su blog es muy inspirador porque da testimonio, y cita escrituras, y habla sobre lo que esta aprendiendo durante esta prueba. Se que al leerlo, ustedes pueden acercar mas al Padre Celestial.

Sunday, November 3, 2013



Today I am now 34 weeks and only around 6 or so to go!
You never really know, it could be less, could be more, oh boy that is kind of scary! haha Guess I better pack that hospital bag!!

:) This year is flying by! Our little girl will be here before we know it!

Is it normal to not feel at all mentally prepared?!?!?!? :)

It's kind of strange to think one day life is the way it is, and still pregnant of course, but then the next day, you actually have the baby there, needing to be held and cared for and watched over and .....

guess it's time for more relaxation techniques!! Here's to First Time Parents!!

Happy Halloween and Stake Conference Feliz Halloween y Conferencia de Estaca

Stopped Working
Halloween Shots
The First Snowfall Nooo!
New Presidency - Stake Conference

Dejar de Trabajar
Las Vacunas de Halloween
La Primera Nevada Noooo!
Nueva Presidencia - Conferencia de Estaca

That is correct! I, Heidi, had my last day of work, on Halloween actually. It was funny too because our systems were being updated, so we really didn't do much but tell people they could call back on another day, etc. Some of my coworkers came by my desk, when they found out I was leaving. Lori was one of them, she is a very generous lady who loves to quilt. When Flavio and I got married, she gave us a gift of a big plastic tote with food inside. When she found out we are having a baby, she made baby blankets, and since she didn't know if we were having a girl or boy she had both, and one coworker had a boy I believe, so we got the one for the girl since we're having a girl!
Lois, she is another who came by my desk. She recently retired, and stopped by to offer me some of her Wassail that she makes this time of year. :) Joe also came by, he is one of the Team leads. He recently had some health issues and thankfully recovered. Damaris, Elena and Grace gave me hugs, and my Team lead handed me a card, that many coworkers had signed. Some coworkers like Heidi, (same name as me :) ) chatted with me on the computer, said she'd miss me. As I left work for the last time that day, I was leaving the building realizing that everywhere I was going was going to be the last time, the last time I got in the elevator, the last time I saw my desk, the last time etc. And then I started to just get a bit emotional, but was fine and left the building, and headed to the car to go get my husband from work. It was a hard job, at times I was very bored, at times I got too used to what I was doing and lost that "customer service attitude".
At times I was giving excellent customer service, I remember when I first started, I got a few compliments from customers I guess for how I spoke, or they said I had a nice voice or something. Well this was the longest time I had been at any job, and I've had quite a few! Although there were times I hated it, there were times I didn't hate it :) I met a lot of people there which is cool.
I also learned a good lesson for life, that it is important that we be obedient and always give our best, something that I need to work on, and will probably work on for a long time, but we can do it!

So next up, Halloween Shots! That's right!! Flu and Pertussis! My dear husband accepted my invitation to get those shots to prepare for our baby girl. The Whooping Cough is very contagious and can be deadly for infants, and the flu, well most of us know that the Flu is also not good and can be very harmful. So we went to a nearby store pharmacy to get the shots for Flavio. I had already had the Flu shot, and will get the Pertussis shot later on most likely. When we got to the pharmacy, they said we needed to stay 30 minutes after for observation, but by that time they would be closed, so thankfully (and  I love when people provide solutions and other alternatives) they referred us to another pharmacy that was open later. So Halloween night we went to the other pharmacy where a Bavarian beer maid gave Flavio his shots. She was a lady dressed up as the maid of course. And there was no beer involved. Haha! She said the Pertussis hurts more, after, than the Flu :( great...something for me to look forward to.

This morning I looked out the window and things seemed pretty white. I can see the sky and some tree branches, and yes things were white...then Flavio said, it was snowing! Nooooo! I do not want snow this early!! I enjoy the sunshine and I don't like when this part of UT gets all dreary looking. Thankfully it stopped snowing and the sunshine came out.

Off we went to Stake Conference today.  A new Presidency was called. I enjoyed the talks by the Elders who are Seventies.

Tonight we got a visit also from our neighbors, and it looks like both Flavio and I are a part of Scouts now! :)

Here's to a Wonderful Week ahead!!

Something REALLY BIG AND IMPORTANT is happening this week, so STAY TUNED!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Celebrating Grandpa Shaffer Celebrando el Abuelo Shaffer

What a beautiful and uplifting funeral! Today we attended Grandpa Shaffer's funeral and it was very spiritual. What a wonderful person Grandpa is! What great lessons he has taught with his life's example. I'm grateful for all the nice memories of Grandpa. His casket was lovely and the flowers were too. The weather was beautiful.  Here are some pictures from today:

Que hermosa y edificante funeral! Hoy asistimos al funeral del abuelo Shaffer y fue muy espiritual. Que maravillosa persona que es el abuelo! Que grandes lecciones ha enseñado con el ejemplo de su vida. Estoy agradecida por todos los lindos recuerdos del abuelo. Su cajon fue bonito y las fores tambien. El clima fue hermoso. Aqui estan unas fotos de hoy: