Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mt Ensign 2nd Ward Baby Shower!! TANTO AMOR

What sweet ladies. They totally didn't have to, but they did and they did it with so much love. I was told it started at noon, but apparently it started at 11.....finally a sister came to our home and told me they were all waiting for me! Surprise! Ok! So I hurried to get myself ready and went over, and one of the sisters said they thought maybe I had gone to the hospital! :) Not Yet, thankfully!
They decorated and have food and cake and games and lots of gifts, I am amazed at how many diapers and wipes! Seriously it's awesome! Almost 1000 wipes! haha so cool! We are going to have one clean baby girl :)

They made me cry when they did the "Cadena de Amor" or Chain of Love. They made a paper chain, where each person wrote a piece of advice, or a message, or a wish or something to me or to our baby girl. It was so sweet to hear her name said over and over. Alina :)

Here are the photos!

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