Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hypnobirth Classes!

Well this should be exciting! This coming Monday Flavio and I will be going to our first Hypnobirthing Classes. My midwife Jeanette Yorgason, recommended Hypnobirthing if you want the best chance at going naturally, and she gave me the name of Claire Stanley for the classes. Our classes will be at the U Hospital for 5 weeks.

By the way, we find out the GENDER of our baby in 11 DAYS!

Birth.  I wouldn't be surprised if many people if not all, grow up hearing that labor is so painful, and the hardest, worst thing haha.
I like that with hypnobirthing I will learn to stop thinking that way, and start thinking in more positive ways. I have found out that hypnobirthing entails deep relaxation. One website, I can't remember where, explained how we are "hypnotized" in a sense when we are watching a movie for example, or engrossed in a book. When I read that, it helped me to better understand.
Being a member of the Church you might hear "hypno" and think Nope can't do that! Well I looked in the Church Handbook #2 and it says:

"The use of hypnosis under competent, professional medical supervision for the treatment of diseases or mental disorders is a medical question to be determined by competent medical authorities. Members should not participate in hypnosis for purposes of demonstration or entertainment."
So, I am good to go! I do not plan on entertaining anyone with our baby's birth, or demonstrating anything haha so this will be fine. 

Flavio is so supportive, and said that after trying one thing, if I don't like it, I can try another!
With hypnobirthing, I will learn to relax, and visualize, and I will be in better control of my body, and I will think positively about birth, and learn to replace words like pain with sensation, and contraction with surge. This will be very enlightening! 

If I don't like this, I'll check out the bradley method..
And, if I want, I'll make my own method! Hypnobradley! hahahaha Or HypnoFlavio! :D
Wish us Luck! 

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