Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birth Class #2 Clase de Nacimiento #2

We Love this class!! Class #2 was great!! We learned so much, more breathing techniques, different massage techniques, infant bonding. Love it!! I highlyyyy recommend this class!!!

We learned about important things to protect one baby is born such as waiting to cut the cord, until more blood flows to baby from the placenta, and the benefits of baby being skin to skin with mom, to regulate temperature, heartbeat, and help induce the natural feeding instincts. It was so cool. I love all the learning and the teacher also has a great sense of humor, the class is great!!!

It's cool to see a replica of a pelvis, and how baby rotates, and ideal positioning for baby. We get packets of information which I enjoy. We have our hypnosis cd, which put me to sleep haha, which is totally okay!

Now, it's time to practice and study! I also really like the positive affirmations. The key is to becoming relaxed during contractions, and we have an article called "Mindful breathing" that I will read today.

I love Tuesday nights! :)

Did I mention the massage? Hooray! Thank you Flavio! :) haha

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