Wednesday, September 25, 2013

GESTATIONAL DIABETES....................????

NOPE! I don't have it, and I'm very glad I don't! However, I will tell you what it was like to get the Tolerance Test done. The previous post was about the screening, which I didn't pass, but this tolerance test would be the deciding test.

I woke up on Friday morning, and Flavio and I went to the lab, and they took my blood. Then 20 min later we saw the results of this, and since the results weren't too high, (they have a certain limit) I was then to proceed and drink 100 grams of glucose. !!! This stuff, doesn't taste near as bad as what you have to drink for a colonoscopy. However, it sure made me feel not well. I started wishing I had a blanket, because I became cold, and the light started bothering me, so I wished I could turn off the lights haha, and then I got yucky feeling, and was just trying to hold the drink down :) Then an hour after finishing that drink, I had to get more blood drawn. And then an hour later, more blood drawn. And then an hour later, more blood drawn. All the while, I wasn't to be up and moving around, just waiting...
This makes a total of 4 blood draws, and the last one really hurt because she had to go in the same vain as a previous draw ouch!! But I did it!! :)
And Flavio was so sweet to wait with me the whole time! :)

Then I needed to eat!! So I had some string cheese and peanuts, and then we went home. Hooray! I checked online to see my lab results later on that day, and everything came back normal!! :)
No Gestational Diabetes!! What a relief!!

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