Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tios (Aunt and Uncle)

Last night, Flavio and I went to visit the Tios.
Aunt Chris and Uncle David, and Papa is currently there too. Poor guy wasn't doing too well. He recently fell and was in pain so was on medication that probably made him feel not all there. We ate dinner together. We brought some items Papa had requested, one of which was his wedding ring, It's so lovely. He is going to have David get it resized. I thought it was sweet to see the ring in a nice container with a heart :)
It was fun to chat with Aunt Chris, we laughed a lot, and Flavio was helping Uncle David outside on the new shed he has been making. It looked great! Snickers came out to say goodbye before we left, Snickers is the cat :) They have a new motoscooter that gets Great Mileage!!
We made a kind of morbid joke and said, thanks to the dear person who passed away, we were enjoying dinner (we had the left over funeral food) haha. Hope you have an open minded sense of humor for that one.
I liked the strawberry rhubarb jam that Aunt Chris had. And she had green beans from her own garden!
It was neat to see their soda making machine!! It would be cool to have one of those!!
I'd also love a chocolate making machine! :)
They are going to go kayaking maybe Friday, which sounds fun! Aunt Chris said she likes to go to a place called Vivian Park by Provo Canyon! We'll have to check that out! She also said that one day, when I'm not pregnant, we can go kayaking! I like their adventurousness!

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